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Fish and Wildlife Service Retracts Mitigation Policies
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently announced the withdrawal of both the Mitigation Policy and the associated Endangered Species Act (ESA) Compensatory Mitigation Policy (CMP).
WDEQ Cease and Transfer Update
Since the establishment of the WDEQ Municipal Landfill Cease and Transfer Program in 2012...
Travis Evans, PE
EPA Launches New E-Manifest System for Hazardous Waste Data
EPA recently launched its new Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System...
Rajib Sinha, PE
Drones and Your Environmental Data: Why You Should Consider Taking to the Sky
The use of drones to collect and use environmental data is revolutionizing the industry...
State of Colorado Takes Novel Approach to Conditional Site Closure
The CDPHE has come up with an alternative way to help responsible parties “close” certain brownfields sites...
Allison Riffel, PE
A Look Back at 2017
We’ve pulled together a summary of some of the top issues and what you need to know about each...
EPA Regional Screening Levels: 2017 Update
EPA Regional Screening Levels changed in June 2017 - just 13 months after the last update
Kyle Power
Vehicle Connectivity Technologies Aim to Improve Highway Vehicle Safety
As part of a national effort to improve road safety and traffic flow, WYDOT is working to launch a pilot vehicle safety program...
Shane Zumpf
New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) OOOOa Rule Stands
D.C. Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s 90-day delay on enforcement
Calvin Niss


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