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Funding Your Water Projects: 2019 and Beyond
Pat Lackey, PE
WDEQ Migrates Title V Operating Permits to Open Air Website
Wyoming is changing the way Title V operating permits and documents are accessed.
Jay Christopher
Key Things to Keep in Mind for Your First Refinery Fenceline Compliance Report
As we approach the end of January 2019, you probably already have or will soon be placing your 26th set of fenceline compliance samples.
Calvin Niss
Sage-Grouse Delve Article
Proposed Revisions to BLM Sage-Grouse Management Lessen Restrictions
The BLM released six final Environmental Impact Statements and proposed Sage-Grouse Resource Management Plan Amendments...
Cryogenic Coring
Cryogenic Core Drilling: An Innovative Site Characterization Tool
Cryogenic core collection, an emerging site characterization tool, overcomes many of the limitations of traditional coring techniques...
EPA Releases Fact Sheet & Draft Toxicity Assessments for PFAS Chemicals: GenX & PFBS
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of synthetic chemicals...
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons at Refineries May Rival Engineered Remediation in Some Cases
Natural Hydrocarbon Attenuation on a Large Scale? Read the new research
Ben McAlexander
CRWA Lake Dunlap WTP-22
America’s Water Infrastructure Act Authorizes Federal Spending for Water Projects
America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) approved billions in federal funding for waterways, dams, and flood protection projects.
Pat Lackey, PE
Major Revisions to Endangered Species Act Proposed; Now Open for Public Comment
The USFWS and the NMFS joined forces to overhaul Endangered Species Act...


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