Proper Personal Protective Equipment for Chemicals
Use chemical safety best practices to protect yourself from harm.
Trihydro Names Kurt Tuggle as New President and Chief Executive Officer
Kurt Tuggle steps into his new role as President and CEO as Jack Bedessem, who led the firm with distinction for 16 years, transitions into retirement.
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Federal Court Overturns Federal Restriction on Methane Emissions on Public and Tribal Lands
A federal court overturned the 2016 Waste Prevention Rule, which placed strict limitations on methane emissions at oil and gas facilities located on public and tribal lands.
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    • Bureau of Land Management
    • EPA
    • Waste Management Rule
    • venting and flaring
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    ITRC Releases New PFAS Fact Sheets
    ITRC has recently released 11 new PFAS fact sheets as well as a Risk Communication toolkit.
    • Risk management plan
    • ITRC
    • PFAS
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    State of Knowledge and Advances in 1,4 Dioxane Groundwater Remediation
    Watch the webinar recording below to learn the latest in 1,4-dioxane research and discuss advances in remediation technologies with our guest speakers.
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    Advances in 1,4-Dioxane Remediation
    Advances in 1,4-dioxane groundwater remediation continue to make headway.
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    Vehicle Safety Best Practice: G.O.A.L.
    We use Get Out and Look (G.O.A.L.) as a safe driving best practice whenever we are about to enter a vehicle.
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    EPA's New 2030 Vision, Mission and Goals for RCRA Corrective Action
    On September 1, 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the new 2030 Vision, Mission, and Goals for the RCRA Corrective Action hazardous waste facility cleanup program.
    ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms Trihydro Corporation
    Trihydro Recognized Among Top U.S. Environmental Firms in 2020
    Trihydro ranked 113 on the list of the Top 200 Environmental Firms in 2020.
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    Connected Vehicle Technology Without the Costs
    Watch the webinar recording below to learn how your DOT may be able to use existing infrastructure to take advantage of connected vehicle messaging.
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    The Great Perchlorate Debate: No Federal Action…For Now
    EPA has made a final determination to not develop a federal action level for perchlorate in drinking water.
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    Reinstating Nationwide Permit 12
    On July 6th, 2020, Nationwide Permit 12 was reinstated in a ruling by the US Supreme Court.
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    EPA Finalizes Changes to OLD MACT
    To reduce hazardous air pollutants, the EPA has introduced changes to the Organic Liquids Distribution Maximum Achievable Control Technology – or OLD MACT.
    • Hazardous Air Pollutants
    • CEDRI
    • RTR
    • Subpart EEEE
    • 40 CFR Part 63
    • Maximum Achievable Control Technology
    • OLD MACT
    • Organic Liquids Distribution
  • Applying Geomorphic Reclamation to Mine Sites and Disturbed Lands
    Geomorphic reclamation helps mimic pre-disturbance conditions, achieve plant diversity, and minimize long-term maintenance and repair.
    • Geomorphic grading
    • Mining Reclamation
    • Natural Regrade
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    • Geomorphic reclamation
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    EPA Requests Feedback on Superfund Groundwater Remediation Principles
    EPA is accepting written remarks on six Superfund groundwater remediation principles until July 30, 2020.
    • Superfund
    • CERCLA
    • EPA
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    California Hazardous Waste Permitting – The Effects of Senate Bill SB-673 Continue to Unfold
    New hazardous waste regulations in California aim to reduce inspection violations and improve public health and environmental protections.
    • CalEEMod
    • CalEnviroScreen 3.0
    • DTSC
    • Department of Toxic Substances Control
    • California hazardous waste permitting
    • Hazardous Waste
    • CA SB-673
  • Trihydro Welcomes Reed Meriwether, Senior Engineer!
    Trihydro continues to grow our water and wastewater capabilities in Texas with the addition of Reed Meriwether, P.E., Senior Engineer.
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    LeakTracker Pro Webinar & Software Demo
    Watch this video for an overview of LeakTracker Pro, a software solution that provides efficient workflow, record-keeping, and reporting for OGI surveys and leak data.
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    Supreme Court Decision Includes Groundwater Under Clean Water Act
    On April 23, 2020, the Supreme Court decided in a 6-to-3 ruling that, in some circumstances, the Clean Water Act applies to pollutants that reach the sea or other navigable waterways via groundwater.
    Part 3: PFAS Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Risk Assessment
    Watch this webinar recording for an in-depth look PFAS data analysis, interpretation, and risk assessment.
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    Conrad Chavez, Manager, Multicultural Affairs

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