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Managing PFAS at Oil & Gas Sites
Learn more about how PFAS travels through the environment, the latest regulations, how to handle PFAS sampling orders, and AFFF management considerations.
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EPA's Proposed Oil & Natural Gas Methane Rules: What You Need to Know
An on-demand webinar addressing proposed changes to New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) Subparts OOOOb (for new facilities) and OOOOc (for existing facilities) as well as EPA’s proposed Appendix K.
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Stream Quantification Tool — A Quantitative Approach to Stream Mitigation
A spreadsheet-based calculator, called the Stream Quantification Tool (SQT), is steadily being adopted for CWA 404 permitting projects to quantify stream impacts and inform mitigation measures.
    • 404 Permitting
    • Stream Restoration
    • Army Corps of Engineers
    • Stream Quantification Tool
    • Oil & gas
    • Mining
    • Clean Water Act
  • Chrysotile Asbestos
    EPA Exercises Reformed TSCA to Initiate Asbestos Ban
    On April 5, 2022, EPA proposed a new ban on asbestos. The proposal represents the first time EPA has exercised the regulatory framework established in 2016 under the Reformed TSCA.
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    Trihydro Launches New Environmental Data Management Software Product, EnFlection
    Trihydro launches EnFlection, a software-as-a-service environmental data management platform designed to help teams visualize and control environmental project outcomes.
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    Jack Bedessem Presented EBJ's Lifetime Achievement Award
    Jack Bedessem, Trihydro's President and Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2020, receives the Environmental Business Journal's Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Exploring Carbon Reduction through CCUS Projects & Class VI UIC Wells
    Exploring carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects, Class VI Underground Injection Control (UIC) carbon sequestration well permitting, and tax credits incentivizing CO2 reduction.
    NSZD LNAPL site management
    Efficient LNAPL Site Management Using NSZD
    An on-demand webinar covering the benefits of including natural source zone depletion (NSZD) as a component of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) site remediation.
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    Trihydro Receives Four 2021 Business Achievement Awards
    Trihydro was recognized for its industry leadership, resource resiliency, project merit, and its 2021 merger & acquisition activity.
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    EPA PFAS Strategic Roadmap Updates: A Strong Start to 2022
    Since introducing its PFAS Strategic Roadmap in October 2021, EPA has made several regulatory advancements regarding PFAS.
    Methane OOOOb
    EPA's Proposed Methane Standards: What Should You Be Doing Now to Get Ready?
    NSPS OOOOb requirements are expected in late 2022 or early 2023. Trihydro outlines six ways affected facilities can prepare for new methane standards.
    Refinery turnaround
    Environmental Oversight's Role During Refinery Turnaround
    During refinery turnaround, an environmental oversight team ensures environmental-related matters are well managed, and can play many secondary roles to support big-picture needs.
    Proposed Appendix K: Recordkeeping
    We explore proposed optical gas imaging (OGI) recordkeeping requirements established in proposed changes to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Appendix K.
    OGI survey
    Proposed Appendix K: OGI Survey Procedures
    We dive into the optical gas imaging (OGI) survey protocol introduced in EPA's proposed changes to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS).
    Proposed Appendix K: Camera Operator Training Requirements and Performance Audits
    We explore the training and audit requirements introduced in Appendix K of EPA’s proposed New Source Performance Standards and Emissions Guidelines.
    NSZD: A Passive Remediation Powerhouse for LNAPL
    NSZD can serve as a powerhouse in subsurface LNAPL removal, often exceeding LNAPL mass removal rates of engineered systems such as pumping, air sparging, or vapor extraction.
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    Proposed Appendix K: OGI Survey Equipment and Pre-Survey Operating Requirements
    Appendix K seeks to establish requirements for the OGI camera, equipment, and supplies needed to complete OGI surveys.
    methane emissions OGI
    Proposal to Standardize OGI Survey Protocols Presents Seismic Shift in Burden to the Oil and Gas Industry
    Appendix K of EPA's updates to NSPS provides requirements for monitoring equipment, survey procedures, camera operator training, and recordkeeping.
    PFAS sampling
    PFAS Federal Regulations – Part 3: Recent Actions Affecting Industry Now, Next Year, and Beyond
    In Part 3 of Trihydro's PFAS article series, we discuss the latest federal developments concerning PFAS in water, wastewater, air, waste, and commerce.
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    Trihydro's New Braunfels Team Moves to New Location
    Trihydro moves to a new New Braunfels office location, enhancing the team's ability to support clients.
    University of Wyoming "Trihydro’s dedication to the communities in which they have offices is second to none. We look forward to our continued relationship with Trihydro and the opportunity to present students with quality job opportunities from a top notch company."

    Conrad Chavez, Manager, Multicultural Affairs

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