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NSPS OOOOa Regulatory Forecast
NSPS OOOOa has experienced multiple amendments since 2016, and additional changes are expected into 2022. Read on for a summary of recent activity and a forecast of anticipated updates.
Trihydro mentorship program
Trihydro's Mentorship Program Featured in Forbes
Forbes featured Trihydro in its recent article titled "How Midsized Companies Can Launch Powerful Mentoring Programs."
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DTSC Proposes Increased Governance and Fee Reform
California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has proposed a new governance structure, with stated goals of alleviating budgetary gaps and implementing programmatic reform.
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Wildfire Response: A Whole-System Approach
Despite the significant challenge wildfires present, there are proven restoration activities that can help a forest return from severe fire and prevent future damage.
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CEQ Rescinds NEPA Guidance
CEQ, which oversees NEPA, has rescinded 2019 draft GHG guidance in favor of previous GHG guidance established in 2016.
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Cold Weather Water System Protection Options
Six practical and preventative steps water system operators can take to better protect water systems from the effects of cold weather.
1,4-dioxane sampling
New ITRC 1,4-Dioxane Guidance
ITRC has released new 1,4-dioxane guidance materials to help increase awareness of the latest research and field-scale experiences.
PFAS groundwater monitoring
PFAS Potential at Oil and Gas Facilities: Sampling and Management Considerations
As agencies enact PFAS-related regulations, oil and gas companies will need to be aware of the types of requirements being developed, including those surrounding groundwater sampling.
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Trihydro Presenting at 2021 RuralWaterCon and Texas Water 2021
Trihydro is proud to present at two upcoming Texas water conferences.
Planning for Lone or Isolated Work
Keep vigilant when you’re in an unknown area working by yourself. While an attack is unlikely, being prepared can help prevent injury to you and others.
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    EPA Takes New Steps to Regulate PFAS in Drinking Water
    The EPA has issued two new actions to better understand and regulate PFAS in drinking water.
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    EPA Offers Flexibility with Alternative Storage Tank Inspection Method
    Under an amended regulation, owners and operators of liquid storage tanks are allowed a more convenient inspection method to maintain compliance with Clean Air Act regulations.
    Evacuation Best Practices
    Evacuating employees from your facility in a safe and orderly fashion during a fire or other emergency requires coordination, planning, and practice. This article provides some best practices for planning and executing your company’s evacuation plan.
    Wildfire in forest
    Wildfires Add Complexity to Understanding Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Impacts at Industrial Sites
    Wildfires release polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), a toxic compound that many facility operators must investigate to distinguish from PAHs already present due to anthropogenic activities.
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    Trihydro Receives Three 2020 EBJ Business Achievement Awards
    Trihydro was recognized for its industry leadership, its environmental software (FieldVision), and its innovative response to COVID-19.
    Drawings and Diagram Safety
    Keeping vigilant for the simple yet impactful things such as a proper component drawing can be the difference between smooth project execution and potentially dangerous and reportable events.
    Triennial Minor Source Emissions Inventories Due in 90 Days
    Tips on how to prepare for and submit 2020 Triennial Minor Source Emissions Inventories.
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    UAS Projects Find New Applications with Advancing Technology
    With UAS technology rapidly advancing, we discuss some of the most recent advancements in UAS capabilities.
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