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Refinery Fence
Fenceline Monitoring Compliance: Overcoming 9 Challenges in Data Collection and Management
As the EPA HON rule deadline for proposed requirements rapidly approaches, let's dive into the challenges that facilities commonly encounter in fenceline monitoring data collection and management.
Kari Ward
Class II Injection Wells: Unlocking the Hidden Value of CO2 in Oil & Gas Production
Class II Injection Wells: Unlocking the Hidden Value of CO2 in Oil & Gas Production
Recent advances in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) have dramatically changed the financial impacts for oil and gas upstream and midstream companies that manage produced CO2. While the attention has primarily been on utilizing Class VI wells for claiming the tax credits, an alternative, and possibly more advantageous option for oil and gas companies, are Class II Injection wells.
Tug Eiden, P.E.
Using Advanced Transportation Technologies to Build a National Digital Infrastructure for Smarter, Safer Travel
Learn about advanced transportation technologies and how they can help to build a national digital infrastructure for smarter, safer transportation and travel.
Zorica Cvijovic, PhD
EPA Proposes to List 9 PFAS as Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Hazardous Constituents
The US EPA has proposed listing 5 additional PFAS (PFNA, PFHxS, PFDA, PFHxA, PFBA) as Hazardous Constituents under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
Andrew Pawlisz
Localizing CCUS Projects
Localizing Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Projects
It is anticipated that carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects, particularly at ethanol plants, may become more local in scope. Evaluation of whether to pursue a “local” CCUS project often begins with an evaluation of geology, funding sources, and risks.
Tug Eiden, P.E.
soil sampling
EPA Releases New Residential Lead Policy Guidance
EPA is lowering recommended screening levels and strengthening guidance for investigating and cleaning up lead-contaminated soil in residential areas.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
hand under running water
EPA Issues Update on PFAS Strategic Roadmap
The EPA has published the 2023 Annual Progress Report (2023-APR) to provide updates on the progress made in implementing the Roadmap. In this article, we summarize key points from the 2023-APR, including accomplishments and expectations.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
EPA’s Proposed Fenceline Monitoring Requirements for Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry (SOCMI) and Group I and II Polymers and Resins Industries
With a final rule due any day now, learn more about the fenceline monitoring requirements and what affected facilities can do to prepare.
Jeremy Sell, P.E.
Oil and gas storage tanks
In First Update Since ’87, EPA Proposes New Source Performance Standards for Volatile Organic Liquid
We review key changes included in EPA's proposed NSPS Subpart Kc.
John Pfeffer
Jay Christopher
File room filled with boxes
EPA Issues New TSCA PFAS Reporting Rule
We dig into the EPA's brand new TSCA PFAS reporting and recordkeeping rule. Learn more about compliance considerations.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT


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