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Pipeline along beach in California
Reinstating Nationwide Permit 12
On July 6th, 2020, Nationwide Permit 12 was reinstated in a ruling by the US Supreme Court.
Jameson Honeycutt
Railroad Tanker
EPA Finalizes Changes to OLD MACT
To reduce hazardous air pollutants, the EPA has introduced changes to the Organic Liquids Distribution Maximum Achievable Control Technology – or OLD MACT.
John Pfeffer
Applying Geomorphic Reclamation to Mine Sites and Disturbed Lands
Geomorphic reclamation helps mimic pre-disturbance conditions, achieve plant diversity, and minimize long-term maintenance and repair.
Derrick Thompson, PE
two people groundwater sampling
EPA Requests Feedback on Superfund Groundwater Remediation Principles
EPA is accepting written remarks on six Superfund groundwater remediation principles until July 30, 2020.
Lloyd Dunlap, PG
Oil drums stacked on top of one another
California Hazardous Waste Permitting – The Effects of Senate Bill SB-673 Continue to Unfold
New hazardous waste regulations in California aim to reduce inspection violations and improve public health and environmental protections.
Allison Riffel, PE
Oceanview in hawaii
Supreme Court Decision Includes Groundwater Under Clean Water Act
On April 23, 2020, the Supreme Court decided in a 6-to-3 ruling that, in some circumstances, the Clean Water Act applies to pollutants that reach the sea or other navigable waterways via groundwater.
Allison Riffel, PE
Decision on Montana TENORM Limit Delayed
Montana DEQ proposed new regulations for managing the disposal of TENORM...
Travis Evans, PE
172 PFAS Compounds Included for 2020 TRI Reporting Year
Starting with reporting year 2020, companies must track and compile data on 172 PFAS compounds to comply with Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements.
Mitch Olson, PhD, PE
Water wastewater system in Texas
Utility Risk and Resilience Planning Under the American Water Infrastructure Act
If your organization previously conducted a vulnerability assessment and ERP under the Bioterrorism Act, it’s a good starting place for assembling the more comprehensive RRA required by AWIA.
Pat Lackey, PE
EPA to Change Types of Construction That Can Begin Before Receiving an Air Permit
EPA changes interpretation of "begin actual construction" under the New Source Review permitting program.
John Pfeffer


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