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Lighten Resource Pressure by Collecting Defensible Data
Producing quality and defensible data decreases the likelihood of having to spend time and money either redoing a sampling event or recollecting data.
March 27th Deadline for Companies to Self-Identify Under TSCA
EPA established a March 27, 2020 regulatory deadline for companies to self-identify if they manufacture or import, or ceased manufacture or import of, any of the 20 high-priority substances about to undergo risk evaluation.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
What to Expect: Reformed TSCA Requirements for the 2020 CDR
The 2020 CDR cycle begins June 1, 2020 and is unlike past quadrennial reporting cycles because it is the first to occur under the reformed TSCA.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
Proposed Changes to the National Environmental Policy Act
The White House has announced proposed fundamental changes to the National Environmental Policy Act.
Firemen extinguish chemical fire at industrial facility
Why Your RMP Needs to Know About Recent Rule Changes and CSB’s New Proposed Ruling
The final rule is expected to be published to the Federal Register the week of February 10, 2020, and will become effective 30 days after publication.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
mine reclamation site in wyoming
6 Tips for Achieving Final Reclamation Bond Release
Several factors need to align for mine reclamation success, and attaining final closure often takes many years — or even decades. Here are some tips to streamline the process.
Mark Donner
Landfill Delve
Top 5 Compliance Tips for Small Landfills
With limited resources, owners and operators of small MSWLFs often face challenges balancing operational costs with compliance needs...
Travis Evans, PE


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